Preview: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Trees – Dallas, TX – 1/23/13

jonspencerbluesexplosion_130123_feature-300x199Just try to dismiss them. Try discounting them too. I did. 2004’s Damage certainly wasn’t my favorite offering from my beloved The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. I had written them off completely – an afterthought, a fun glimpse into my 90’s listening regimen. So when they came to town in May 2010 (while everyone else was up in Denton seeing Wilco) and I saw them demolish HOB’s Cambridge Room, I rejoined my beloved Blues Explosion whole-heartedly. Please sirs, forgive the momentary doubt.

2 years later and even toting a fantastic new record Meat and Bone, Jon Spencer, Mr. Judah Bauer and Russell Simins are returning to Dallas to level Deep Ellum again like it’s the 90’s. If you ever, EVER liked anything this band did, just go. Every memory and reason you loved them in the first place will flood your senses and make you fall in love all over again. And resent The Black Keys. So pull out those old JSBX records, reintroduce yourself, and strap in for a great night of punkbluesrock. And don’t skip out on openers, Fort Worth’s Fungi Girls are sure to deliver as well.

I’m going to pull out Damage right now.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion plays Trees this Wednesday, 1/23 Tickets available here.


~ by thesynaptic on January 22, 2013.

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