Feature: Rolling Out New Aspects of The Synaptic

What a sorta tough year this has been. I’ve been very busy with my other entity, the one that brings in real income, the pet sitting business I run with my girlfriend, Waggin’ Tails Pet Sitting. Only a year and some change into this business we’ve seen incredible growth, a growth that has borrowed me away from this community I love so dearly.

Last year the goal was to write more and delve into the aspects of The Synaptic I thought would set it apart from others. “Starter Kits” was to help others discover artists/genres/labels/scenes they might not have been familiar with. Along with this was supposed to be a “Body of Work” section that would review an artist’s entire body of work, noting ebbs and flows in the music, changes for good or bad, from album to album, a cohesive review of an artist’s recorded career. Both of these proved to be massive undertakings, and in time I hope to be able to devote myself to these particular sections of The Synaptic. But until then, they will lay dormant.

There have been a few things that have come down the pike that I would like to expand on under The Synaptic moniker and diversify The Synaptic Empire as I like to call it. I have been afforded some opportunities around D/FW and have been exploring them. The Synaptic blog itself, while not going away by any means, was to be a catalyst to be able to work on other things and get back out into the D/FW/d music community and toil in a medium that I love. Music. I do not kid myself that I am a spectacular journalist or writer, although I think I pull it off alright.

I said last week when I hit 600 fans on Facebook I would make a big announcement, and it came a little quicker than I had planned. So what does 2012 and forward have in store for The Synaptic and those of you who have joined in my musical journey?

1.       Vahrenkamp/Brown Representation (VBR).

Late last year the decision was made to work directly with artists for booking and light management along with my partner and contract lawyer Justin Vahrenkamp. This is in the infancy stage and we have taken on 3 clients already, a very diverse roster with the country rock act Badcreek, instrumental metal quartet The Velia Shrine, and we have just added The Skeeves with their take on early British punk/alternative. I have always been driven to help young artists in any way I can, and believe VBR can help advance some bands that need a helping hand.

2.       The Synaptic Podcast.

I have been approached by CNJ Radio, who produces podcasts such as Wrestling House Show and Rock Strikes Ten to produce a podcast for them. At this point we plan to do two, 30 minute podcasts per month, beginning in March. Audio reviews, show previews, topic discussions and interviews are all being planned for these, I just hope I can fill an hour’s worth of time per month. I hope to have the first one out by mid-March, but we shall see. I do not like talking about things I “plan” to do until they are done, but I’m hoping this keeps me accountable with you guys.

3.       Promoting More Shows.

Also late last year I was given the opportunity through the Fort Worth Music Co-Op to book one Thursday night at Lola’s Saloon per month. Thursdays have definitely been a challenge, I plan to branch out and produce more and more shows in 2012. Having already branched into Dallas last week, it’s looking like you will see more Synaptic produced shows in the not so distant future. Show promotion was my very first foray into music 20 years ago next month, and has been something I have wanted to do all my life. I like going to shows, and I want to put on some shows I think others would like to see too.

4.       More Twitter Action.

The plan is to live tweet as many music awards programs as possible while also using Twitter to the best of its ability. I live tweeted the Grammy’s a couple of weeks back, and I gotta tell ya, staying live on the show while attempting to be witty for 3.5 hours was tough. But I’m up for it if you are.

5. Return to Turntable.FM.

Before things got hectic last year, I was popping into The Synaptic’s Turntable.FM room fairly regularly to play some music with whoever wanted to show up. The plan is to pick a day and time each week for a two hour block of Turntable.FM fun. I will let you all know when that day and time will be. Hopefully was can expose each other to some new stuff since we all have varying tastes.

2011 was supposed to see the launch of The Synaptic Store, but unfortunately those plans feel through. I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with more of a reason to keep my followers engaged that wasn’t just posting a few videos up each morning on the Facebook page. If all of these plans do come through, I will not only be thrilled, but feel like I am contributing something to the music community I so dearly love. With that being said, hold me accountable. Have some questions, suggestions, or constructive criticisms please e-mail me directly at thesynaptic1@gmail.com.

I look forward to the rest of 2012 being busy. Please join me on the ride.

I humbly thank you for indulging me this far.

Randy Brown



~ by thesynaptic on March 1, 2012.

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