Preview: mr. Gnome – Lola’s Saloon, Fort Worth TX – 12/7/2011

mr. Gnome plays Lola's Saloon in Fort Worth tonight.

Ah Rolling Stone. I beat you to this one, I did. By almost exactly  year. I am glad to see you caught up with me, branding mr. Gnome as one of your bands to watch. I have been watching. You see, I had the privilege of finding out about these guys almost a year ago today, when they were set to play Dallas’ Doublewide Bar. All the mystique, all the intrigue, it all paid off. In spades.

The Cleveland based duo known as mr. Gnome can produce quite a racket. On their third full-length, Madness In Miniature, they pick up exactly where they left off with 2009’s Heave Yr Skeleton. Nicole Barille’s sinewy guitars and haunting vocals – looping and looping over and again – over Sam Meister’s bombastic beats and moody keys creates an atmosphere of charm and supsicion. If this band was a person, they would be of a Tim Burton-esque quality. Innocent, somewhat creepy, yet oddly compelling.

Fort Worth gets a taste of mr. Gnome tonight at Lola’s Saloon. Full on with their new record in tow, look forward to a simple yet intricately interesting performance that at times will make you wonder where what sounds are coming from.

And as for the cats with Rolling Stone… glad you could catch up. (Okay, seems you ran something on them online in 2008, but you evidently had no idea then, either. So there.)


~ by thesynaptic on December 7, 2011.

One Response to “Preview: mr. Gnome – Lola’s Saloon, Fort Worth TX – 12/7/2011”

  1. Great show tonight! I discovered them about a year ago and I’ve been touting them ever since.

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