Volume: Supersuckers, The Me-Thinks, The Dangits – Lola’s Saloon, Fort Worth TX – 10/12/2011

The Greatest Rock-N-Roll Band In The World.

“The Supersuckers have more respect for you than that”, claimed frontman Eddie Spaghetti. For at least 14 years, their patent-pending “Fake Encore” has been as much a staple of their shows as choreographed cliché rock-moves and boasts of being “The Greatest Rock-N-Roll Band In The World”. And just like those latter qualities, it gets me every time. And once again, they did not make their audience wait through some silly “encore”.

I have seen the Supersuckers more than I have seen any other touring act (at least 20 times since ’92) for good reason. They provide that nightly escape the LA hair bands provided fans of their genre. When you are at a Supersuckers show, nothing else matters but having a good time, and turning a Wednesday night into a pretty good Thursday or even a decent Friday night. There is no message, not downtrodden tales of woe or misery. If there are, they are well masked in triumph and celebration of one’s situation. The self-proclaimed “Greatest Rock-N-Roll Band In The World” rolled into Lola’s last night and indeed turned a Wednesday night into a decent Friday night.

Peppering their set with a few pieces of later material (post 1999’s Evil Powers of Rock-N-Roll) the band relied on all the same tricks that made me love them in the mid 90’s. Grandiose rock poses, arguably true boasts, their often imitated brand of cow-punk-a-billy-rock, and a set list that would make even the most hardcore fan happy. Knocking out gems such as “Luck”, “The Evil Powers of Rock-N-Roll”, “Bad, Bad, Bad” and several selections from their 1994 masterpiece La Mano Cornuda (“Creepy Jackalope Eye”, “On The Couch”, “Mudhead”, “How To Maximize Your Kill Count”) bringing the evening to a close with what I believe to be the greatest rock-n-roll song in history, “Born With A Tail”, not a soul left Lola’s last night feeling slighted. I enjoyed this show much more than the last time I saw them at Curtain Club in 2007.

I may not buy all the records anymore, and they may be a little older, but dammit their shows are still fun. I need to remember that next time I hem and haw over seeing them again.

The Me-Thinks and The Dangits made for a perfect complement on last night’s bill. If you like the punk rock, and I think you do, get out and see these locals. They deserve it.


~ by thesynaptic on October 13, 2011.

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