Volume: Motley Crue, Poison, New York Dolls – Gexa Energy Pavillion, Dallas, TX – 06/07/2011

I spent the majority of the 80’s avoiding as much hair metal as possible. The amount of hair metal bands I have seen in my lifetime could most likely be counted on one hand. I liked some of it, but had no desire to pay much attention to this genre. I was a new wave/alternative/punk kid for the most part, hadn’t any time for their tomfoolery. It was all about partying, women, fun, and never anything serious. And at 16 I think I was a bit too serious about music. Over the years I have come to respect the genre for what it offered, but not really enough to try to go back into any of the band’s catalogs and really get into it. The thousands of screaming enthusiastic fans at Gexa Energy Pavillion last night clued me into what I had missed.

Kicking off their summer tour in Dallas last night, two of the genres powerhouses, Motley Crue and Poison joined forces for one helluva night, packed with hits, and ONLY hits from both of their catalogs. Every song a single, every song a hit, every song you knew, if even vaguely.

With several explosions out of the blue, Motley Crue was already well into their opening song, “Wildside”. One second, the crowd was just sitting there, the next we were on a juggernaut of a set that made me wish I had seen these guys when we were all younger. The vigor with which Motley Crue plowed through their set made me imagine a band 25 years their junior, and what it must have been like when they were a vital driving force in the mid-80’s metal scene. Their set was a spectacle to behold, complete with drummer Tommy Lee’s Rollercoaster setup, and the energy in the pavilion should have been harnessed for its namesake (Gexa). Even the title track from their last studio album, Saints of Los Angeles, brought forth a reaction to bring the house down. They were utterly fantastic and riveted their fans from beginning to end.

Poison brought their workmanlike everyman brand of rock as well, with a set of hits that had the masses standing, singing and partying like it was 1988 again.  Far from the Poison we saw in their overindulgent 80’s videos, this is a competent, cohesive unit pounding out crowd pleasing hits and having fun with their audience, not for them.

Show openers, who were actually the band I was most interested in seeing, 1970’s glam punk pioneers New York Dolls, wound up being a better idea in theory and on paper than in actual practice. Opening with one of their signature songs, “Personality Crisis”, the crowd seemed very disinterested during their more than enjoyable set. It took me back to seeing the Beastie Boys at Fair Park Coliseum with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion for an opener. Whereas it was a perfect fit for the bill, unfortunately it just didn’t capture the audience as one would have hoped. At least not in Dallas.

Motely Crue Setlist


Saints of Los Angeles

Live Wire

Shout At The Devil

Same Ol’ Situation

Primal Scream

Home Sweet Home

Don’t Go Away Mad/F*ck You (Cee-Lo cover)

Looks That Kill

Dr. Feelgood

Too Young To Fall In Love

Too Fast For Love

Girls Girls Girls

Smokin’ In The Boys Room



Kickstart My Heart


Poison Setlist


Look What The Cat Dragged In

Ride The Wind

American Band (Grand Funk Railroad Cover)

Something To Believe In

Your Mama Don’t Dance

Fallen Angel

Unskinny Bop

Every Rose Has Its Thorns

Talk Dirty To Me

Nothin’ But A Good Time


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One Response to “Volume: Motley Crue, Poison, New York Dolls – Gexa Energy Pavillion, Dallas, TX – 06/07/2011”

  1. So the Cee Lo song is just him ripping off Motley Crue who ripped off ‘Maggie Mae’? But seriously I’m glad you had fun at the show plus it’s always refreshing to get a fair assessment of a genre from a non obvious source.

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