Feature: Preview – Motley Crue, Poison, New York Dolls – Gexa Energy Pavillion – Dallas, TX 06/07/11

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In the literally thousands of concerts I’ve attended in the past 25 years, somehow I have never seen any of these three bands. 97.1 The Eagle‘s annual B.F.D show brings us the first of the Summer’s superbills, kicking off in Dallas tonight – 80’s hair metal heavyweights Motley Crue and Poison team up with one of the early 70’s glam/punk pioneers the New York Dolls for a tour that can only be described as fun. The amount of hits that will be played by both Motley Crue and Poison will be staggering, and exactly what crowds want. Sure there will be lulls in both sets as each will undoubtedly play some of their newer material, but this audience will demand hits. And plenty are to be had.

Add in the icing of New York Dolls and you have a show that will be, as Poison’s Bret Michaels claims, “Nothin’ But A Good Time”. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t get through this without some sort of reference to that song. Groan away!) The Dolls hit the stage at 7:00, so be sure to get there early, you never know how many more chances you have to see these rock innovators live. And with any luck, the bands will give some playoff updates during the show – Go Mavs!


~ by thesynaptic on June 7, 2011.

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