The Record Lounge: Reviews 04/26/11 – Explosions In The Sky, kd lang, Sarah Jaffe, The Dwellers, and More

Explosions In The Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

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The fifth full length album from Austin, TX’s Explosions In The Sky continues to build upon the vast landscapes explored in their previous albums. The enormity and scope utilized in these 6 new “movements” (so to speak) imagine the wide, desolate barren Texas lands in which they were borne. Take Care, Take Care, Take Care chimes and riffs and rolls with post rock dynamics, taking the listener from sparse arrangements to bombastic crescendos in the bat of an eye, creating the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, much like the state that inspired them.

kd lang and the Siss Boom Bang – Sing it Loud

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Fans of early kd lang’s pure country roots will be glad to hear this one. After almost 2 decades of pop leaning recordings, from sunny summer songs to smoky torch songs, covers, running the gambit of styles and tastes, the Big Boned Gal from Southern Alberta returns to her country roots, for the most part. Utilizing her giant voice for the first time since she fully left country (so it seems) lang reintroduces her power on this high energy romp of country inspired tracks. Those who discovered her via her Olympic performance of “Hallelujah” got in at the right time; Sing It Loud is the most vibrant effort kd lang has recorded since 1992’s Ingenue.

Local Music Roundup

Over the past couple of months I have received a few local releases, some new, some old, reissues, etc. Here are some reviews for a few of those standout releases.

Sarah Jaffe – Even Born Again

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After her scorching 2010 saw Sarah Jaffe’s Suburban Nature take hold of the imaginations of critics and fans alike across the country, 2011 finds Ms. Jaffe returning to older recordings. Whetting the appetites of those waiting for her next endeavor to hit, Even Born Again, Jaffe’s 2008 self released EP has been remastered and expanded a bit. Displaying the charms that originally caught the attention of Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton music fans, her evolved take on folk can be seen in its genesis state, as only a precursor to last year’s breakthrough. Live favorites such as the title track, “Black Hoax Lie” and “Under” can be found here, and the addition of “Two Intangibles Can’t Be Had/Working On A Nuclear Free City Remix” makes this a must have for fans who missed out on it the first time, or those who just want a crisper, clearer copy for their collection.

In Fiction – Godspeed

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Coming off almost like a post-punk Pink Floyd, In Fiction finds the rare ground where the late 60’s and early to mid 80’s come together. Former Gropius bassist Matthew Koch returns with his first recordings since his former band’s 2001 demise, taking cues from early Pink Floyd psychedelics, The Cure’s Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss me era and all walks of post punk, prog-rock, and sealed with a helping of straight forward rock, In Fiction’s debut demonstrates a young act unafraid to incorporate influences far and wide into their own brand of rock.

Four Days To Burn – Southern Corruption

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This Fort Worth metal quintet will melt your eyes. Four Days To Burn, who weren’t even a blip on my radar until their incendiary set with Cough and Buzzov*en at Trees this past February, create a sound of agony from well beyond the grave. Heavy just doesn’t cut it here. It’s assaultive, evil, and maybe should be prosecutable. Recorded at Echo Lab in Argyle with Matt Barnhart in 2006, Southern Corruption didn’t hit until 2009’s Brainticket Records release, so this is an older recording. Gutteral, indecipheral, and just plain mean, Four Days To Burn is a must for any fan of today’s underground metal scene.

The Dwellers – Moon of the Falling Cherries EP

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This side/solo project from The Cush’s Gabrielle Douglas is a hauntingly gorgeous journey through gothic Appalachia. Recorded with a variety of players in 2009 while still in Vermont, including former Buck Jones bandmate Cody Lee (drums) and some assistance from her main collaborator, husband Burette Douglas, Moon of the Falling Cherries fleshes out an all too brief 5 tracks of pure Gabrielle Douglas.  The majority of the recording finds Douglas’ vocals resonating over a hazy, laid back country base, yet claims more influences than are immediately recognizable, as evidenced by the wake-up call of the second track,  driving rocker “Blue Light Shines”. From there it’s back to business, texturing, layering lush production on top of lush production. Let’s all pray this isn’t the only recording of this project.


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