Volume: Buzzov*en, Cough, Four Days To Burn – Trees, Dallas, TX – 02/09/11

“Alright, things are right in the world”, I thought. I spot my friend Sean in the somewhat thin crowd at Trees, and know that we are probably the only two people in attendance that saw this band the first time they played this club. In 1993. After pleasantries and a laugh are exchanged, I remind him that show was 18 years earlier. Simultaneously, both of our backs give way.

North Carolina’s sludge mavens Buzzov*en had returned to Dallas for the first time in 12 ½ years (or so I can recall) and are playing one of the premiere rooms in the area. This is not necessarily a band that needs a giant stage or soundsystem to get their point across. It was a nice setting, but not necessary. Thundering through Trees mammoth PA, Buzzov*en tore through selections from their entire catalog, opening with “At A Loss”. From there we were treated to sample heavy sludge-core metal like no one else provides. Material from the newly remastered Sore and a personal favorite, the leadoff track from their Allied Records debut, To A Frown, “Shove” sounded just as murky and violent today as it originally did in the early-mid 90’s, conjuring old, dusty memories.

In tow for this trek was Richmond, VA’s Cough. If I didn’t love the headliner so much, Cough would have stolen the night. 3 songs. 43 minutes on stage. Cough’s prowess wasn’t totally unexpected, but I was not prepared for their methodical, slow-churn assault on the audience. This is probably the finest doom/stoner/sludge band I have ever seen, and quite possibly the heaviest band I have ever seen as well. When they said – at the 24 minute mark – “We’ve got one more, it’s a long one”, they weren’t kidding. And no one seemed to mind. I hope these guys come through again. Real soon.

I unfortunately missed openers Vorvadoss, but was able to see Fort Worth’s (I had no idea) Four Days To Burn, who were quite shockingly fantastic. Unleashing a bellowing shriek of sludge and punk on the crowd, Four Days To Burn wrapped it all up in the length of one Cough track. 25 minutes, short sweet, got in, did their thing and were done without allowing you to catch your breath. Watch for these guys around town for sure. I know I will.


~ by thesynaptic on February 10, 2011.

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