Preview: Buzzov*en, Cough, Four Days To Burn, Vorvadoss – Trees, Dallas TX 02/09/11

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Every time “Shove” plays on my MP3 player, I am taken back to Trees in the Spring of ’93. My friend Laura had drug me out to yet another show by a band I had never heard before and only a handful of people had bothered to attend (she had done this several times, including about a year earlier for some band called White Zombie). Headswim had opened and we were sitting in the Crows Nest balcony near the stage. The bluegrass stylings of Schlong offshoot band Three Finger Spread had caught me a bit off-guard and hadn’t prepared me for the spectacle that would unfold before us.

I was very glad to be off the floor.

Buzzov*en stormed the stage in front of maybe a dozen people or so and took control. Chaotic, mindless control. Within 2 minutes the bassist stalking the stage had kicked a cowboy hat off a member of Headswim who had ventured within leg-shot, and I mean his boot heel couldn’t have been more than an inch from his nose, and frontman Kirk Fisher had blood streaming down his face from breaking a Jagermeister bottle on his head. Yes, the big thick green Jager bottle. Smashed. Tearing through their set Fisher would pummel his forehead with the microphone and beer bottles, his face colored with crimson. All the while, partially consumed beer bottles rained into the open floor behind the anemic crowd, smashing everywhere.

It was insane.

I would go on to see them a few more times throughout 93-94, always as intense, always violent, but never as shocking as the first time. By the time they came back through in ’98, it was definitely much calmer, but still undeniably violent.

One of the progenitors of “Sludge” metal, Buzzov*en returns to Trees tonight for the first time I can remember since 1998. I can only speculate that 12 ½ years later, they have calmed a little more, with intensities channeled in a different avenue. But I guess that remains to be seen.

Buzzov*en with Cough and locals Four Days To Burn and Vorvadoss play Trees in Deep Ellum tonight.


~ by thesynaptic on February 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Preview: Buzzov*en, Cough, Four Days To Burn, Vorvadoss – Trees, Dallas TX 02/09/11”

  1. Hi, great story. I’m looking into past Headswim shows and are you saying you saw them at Trees in Dallas, Tx in the Spring of ’93, supporting Buzzov*en and Three Finger Spread? Headswim as in the UK Band. Do you know the exact date, have anymore info?

    • Hey Dave! So sorry to just get to this, No, unfortunately not the UK band, they were a local Dallas band with a single on Direct Hit records back in the early 90’s.

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