Feature: The Synaptic’s 2011 State of the Union Address (and a Little History, Too…)

First, I would like to thank everyone who read, posted, liked, or even perused thesynaptic.com during the second half of 2010. Since the Facebook page went up at the very tail end of May, and with the site launching in Mid-August, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing with all of you. Over the New Year weekend, we hit 2 milestones, over 3900 blog reads and over 300 Facebook followers – Thank You!

Here’s just a little background behind it all. At this point in 2010, this didn’t exist. The Synaptic didn’t really come into my mind until somewhere around April or so, at the earliest. I was feeling restless, and directionless with my job, which was 1) pretty much done, and 2) becoming a shell of its former self and a disaster of a company that had more potential than I could have fathomed. I had worked in music (mostly in the Dallas/Fort Worth local scene) in some form or fashion for 15 years prior to (finally) finding and taking a position with this company that had nothing to do with music at all. And I was there for roughly 5 years.

In January 2010 I decided to go back to school, Radio/TV/Film, which was my original major from my first stint in college, in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Determined to get back into school, I took the first advice I got from a counselor and signed up for the only class I could conceivably take in that semester: TV Production.

Whereas this was an interesting class, and I enjoyed meeting everyone I did, and learning about TV production, I had really hoped to go back into some form of radio. One week, we were encouraged to go to a networking event at UTA. Why not, I thought, maybe I can get something out of it, or maybe meet some people or something. During one of the seminars, the speakers had harped on one thing to people who were trying to break into news journalism (which was what the whole event was about – should have read the fine print): start a blog, do it yourself, get yourself noticed.

I mulled over this information for quite a while. Mainly the get yourself noticed part of it all. This is sort of difficult for someone who doesn’t necessarily like any sort of attention/limelight/etc.

All during this time, I can feel my job slowly dying out from under me, everyone in the company could. Seemingly more and more it was becoming apparent (and has been proven in my subsequent job search) that the “middle” so to speak wasn’t really going to exist anymore. Climbing a corporate ladder was no longer an option and new goals needed to be formed. The company eventually died a slow painful death and in September, I was left up to the government and my own devices. With the lack of jobs out there for people from the “middle”, we have to make our own jobs utilizing whatever skillset we might have. Hence, I turned to my first love and passion: music.

This is a tricky one, especially since the business of music is in such a flux and is dying an excruciating death, finding that place in which to fit. So The Synaptic was born in hopes of facilitating some sort of income from somewhere at some point and growing into something marketable and enjoyable all the way around. The catch? It’s all abstract. There is nothing concrete to it… no plan, no budget, no charts, no projections… nothing. Building something out of nothing, and what that something is or can be or will be is anyone’s guess.

Bringing us to 2011 and The Synaptic’s State of the Union.

In 2011, The Synaptic plans to build more as a brand. Hopefully a brand that can be trusted to deliver some diversity in taste (it’s subjective, I know), expose its readers and followers to more music and strive to turn each reader and follower on to at the very least 5 new artists. There will be musicians some of you have heard and were into well before The Synaptic was, and hopefully vice versa – there is a LOT of music out there and not a one of us can know everything single thing there is to know about every band/musician/artist, let alone know about all of them.

In 2011, The Synaptic plans to continue with album reviews and show previews/reviews. This being said, I am not interested in telling you about bad records anymore. I reviewed a few of those in 2010, and it was a waste of time for all of us. Therefore, records or shows I do not believe in will not get any mention on this page, only things I can endorse. I do not believe in snark for snark’s sake, I lived it and did it all in the 90’s, cynicism as well. Wit I do believe in, and hope to deliver some in the coming year. If you believe I have missed someone or something I should have reported or reviewed, please give me a shout and let me know. It could be the greatest thing I’ve ever heard and maybe a few others could benefit from the heads up as well.

In 2011 The Synaptic plans to work more on the sections he feels would set him apart from other pages/sites/blogs – Body of Work and Starter Kits, and nurture Aspiring Musician Resource as well.

In 2011, The Synaptic has a few other plans as well, but doesn’t want to over-extend or take away from any possible surprises (that wouldn’t be fun, would it?) so I will leave you with this:

In 2011, The Synaptic hopes to distract you at work more than ever!

Thank you for your support, thank you for sharing The Synaptic with your friends, and thank you for starting 2011 with me. I appreciate each of you, and with your help, let’s reach another 695 readers by 06/30/11!


~ by thesynaptic on January 3, 2011.

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