Volume: mr. Gnome – The Double-Wide, Dallas, TX – 12/02/2010

mr. Gnome rocked The Double-Wide last night - Photo by Randall Zimmerman

Where to start. This is a difficult review, honestly, because last night was a full realization of an act that I should have known about before last week. And I don’t want to go overboard with it. mr. Gnome is the very type of band on which The Synaptic was founded: interesting, unique, a little quirky, but accessible – an interesting indie rock that ROCKS when it needs to, while portraying a nimble delicacy in their music.

mr. Gnome’s music is a rewarding bit to take in on record. The revelation that only two people are making this rich extension of music, this “wrapping my head around it Bjork meets PJ Harvey meets Bat For Lashes under the tutelage of The Paper Chase” variety of music exceeds all expectations. The Cleveland based duo expands spectrums and boundaries not too far outside from pop sensibilities, yet simultaneously tear down those preset notions of music in general.

The tricky part of it all is pulling it off in a live setting. Last night’s performance at The Double-Wide was anything but pedestrian. Guitarist/vocalist Nicole Barille plucked, picked, looped and strummed her instrument like some sort of Edge-like looping scientist, all the while displaying a dexterity and inventive fretwork that would have Dave Mustaine raise an eyebrow. Drummer and keyboardist Sam Meister flogged his drum set while adding even more atmosphere with backing vocals and tastefully placed keyboard layers. Logically, this should be a gargantuan mess, but logic didn’t come into play last night, only enjoyment.

If it seems that I am laying it on a bit thick, seeing is believing. I loved this show, mr. Gnome has been a delightful treat as 2010 nears its end.

The brevity of their 38 minute set left the enthusiastic followers and the wholly converted wanting more, as the question of the night was: “When are y’all coming back?”

Watch for them to have a new album and hopefully be back in town as early as next spring.

Worry not: I’ll keep you posted.


~ by thesynaptic on December 3, 2010.

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