Volume: Pinkish Black, ETA – The Grotto – Fort Worth, TX – 10/29/2010

Pinkish Black

I wasn’t aware that clubs would kick a band off stage for being too loud. 24 plus years of concert going, never seen it before. But I guess there’s a first for everything, as I witnessed this on Friday night. About 35 minutes into Pinkish Black’s set, they were asked to finish due to volume. Killer, I had just spent $10 getting my girlfriend and I in to see them and possibly some of The Dang-Its before heading home after an already long night. I’ve seen bands shut down by the cops, but never by the club for their volume. And to top it off, it wasn’t really that loud.

Regardless, since the last time I saw Pinkish Black, they have taken a bit of a different turn. Sounding less like their former selves, the incomparably wonderful, prog-y The Great Tyrant, keyboardist/vocalist Daron Beck and drummer extraordinaire Jon Teague have incorporated a bit of No Wave and Kraut-Rock into their evolving output, recalling Suicide, Neu!, and most likely a bunch of artists none of us have heard before or even knew existed, and possibly some acts that will form tomorrow as influences.

Pinkish Black, much like their predecessor, is the most interesting thing in Fort Worth music, and I pray will always be just a step ahead (or 11) of all of us. Beck has tamed some of his signature howling moan/drone knob twisting histrionics, and Teague continues to be arguably the best musician in town at his chosen craft. This duo is such a must see. For all of you.

It seems The Dang-It’s were forced to cancel. In their stead was a Dallas quartet named ETA, or Elvis Took Acid. Very high energy punk rock (which was hand over fist louder than Pinkish Black) that was interesting at the same time. So many times, punk can become so derivative, and I wish I hadn’t been so wiped out from the day to have watched their entire set. I will need to see them again.

After ETA’s scorching take on the Motorhead classic “Ace Of Spades” I was spent. It was a quick, good night of music if not a little baffling.


~ by thesynaptic on November 2, 2010.

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