Volume: Telegraph Canyon, Monahans, The Cush – 8.0, Fort Worth, TX – 08/26/2010

You always have to love the feeling of turning someone on to something new. I know my buddy Jasun says his one of his favorite moments came when he took me to see The Murder City Devils for the first time, and I was sold on them from the second we walked in to Club Clearview.

I was happy to spread some of that joy last Thursday at 8.0.

I had some friends who had met to catch Telegraph Canyon and The Cush, both of whom I had been touting for a while (same said friend from above had preached to me for a while about Telegraph Canyon himself) and the payoff was definitely there. Those who hadn’t seen either were immediate converts.

Telegraph Canyon is an act who is seasoned well beyond their years, playing with the confidence and purpose of a band twice their age. The growth experienced between albums – their debut All The Good News was released in 2007 – portrays almost 2 different bands. Are they still basically Americana? Yes, but there is so much more going on structurally as well as in approach and attitude, which is exciting for the future of this band and music in general.

Opening with “Safe On The Outside” and drawing primarily from their 2009 release, the enormously brilliant The Tide and The Current, the Fort Worth septet weaved a performance that took the audience to the highest of highs and the quietest of quiets. Highlights included “Into The Woods”, “Shake Your Fist” and “Old Dark Hymn”.

This was only my second time to see Telegraph Canyon, and I almost ached when they were finished.

Prior to Telegraph Canyon was Austin’s Monahans, who were a big surprise. I had neither seen or heard them before, and was grabbed from the start. Former members of Milton Mapes and Spoon, Monahans originally came off as a smaller, not as bombastic Arcade Fire, yet with a big, smooth, inviting sound to their music. Their album, Dim The Aurora conveys this a bit, but feels a bit more alt-country than than they come across live. Regardless, they made several new fans with their set. Click here to download free MP3’s of their latest material.

The Cush began the night with a bang. It had been a decade since I had seen the former Buck Jones husband/wife duo of Burette and Gabrielle Douglas play, and this was the first time I had seen them as The Cush. Playing a man down, second guitarist Josh Daugherty was out of town and unavailable, it was evident that a decade and three albums later had matured both into even stronger musician than before, and are making the most interesting music of their career. Their latest album, Between The Leaves is a journey through modern day psychedelic based indie rock, but with meaning, unlike some of their peers. I am looking forward to seeing them at full strength at with their full visual show (they played outside during the day) when they hit Lola’s later next month (Sept 18th I believe).


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