Features: For Your Disapproval ’06 Style

Originally posted on MySpace 12/31/2006

Musically, not too bad a year. There were quite a few records to cull from for a top 10 list, I got to see some great shows, and there were a few new bands worth mentioning for sure.

Let’s start with Randy’s Top 10 records of the year:

  1. Slayer – Christ Illusion
  2. Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped
  3. Mastodon – Blood Mountain
  4. TV On The Radio – Return to Cookie Island
  5. Baboon – Baboon
  6. Midlake – Trials of the Van Occupanther
  7. Melvins – (A) Senile Animal
  8. Mars Volta – Amputecture
  9. Bob Dylan – Modern Times
  10. Bruce Springsteen – Seeger Sessions

As for new bands, I listened to the Icy Shores record ALOT this year. Like I said in January, if I had gotten it during ’05, it would’ve been top 10 material for sure. The Beautiful Disaster played a very small amount of shows, but the music is so there, it’s not funny. Now if they’d just get things rolling a bit quicker and some new music and more shows under their belts, they could be the band the local scene has needed for a while. And speaking of the local scene, the surprise of the year is Dove Hunter. Thank the Lord for Dove Hunter. I got to see them twice, and I was blown away both times. Can’t wait to see them many more times in 2007.

Speaking of shows this year, the main disappointment was the fact that 2 of the Big 8 played against each other. On my birthday eve. Which meant Slayer won out over Sonic Youth. Wish the timing had been better. I got to see Mastodon and TV On The Radio twice this year, both rule in their own rights. Finally got to see Bauhaus and Shellac, and ACL was great as usual, sporting Van Morrison, Massive Attack, Kings of Leon, Explosions in the Sky, Tom Petty, John Mayer, Son Volt, Aimee Mann, New Pornographers, Calexico, and so on and so on. The Melvins returned to town after 3 1/2 years and brought with them what I thought was really special, Big Business, which is made up of half of the Melvins lineup, including another member of the Big 8, Coady Willis, the drummer from the Murder City Devils.

I’m ready for 2007.


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