Volume: U2 – Vertigo Tour, AAC, Dallas, TX 10/29/2005

Originally posted on MySpace 10/30/2005

18,000 people are forced to listen to the brilliance of “Wake Up” by Montreal exports the Arcade Fire. You can feel the anticipation of the people in American Airlines Center, as the time is nearing 9:00. I’m explaining to the lady sitting next to me that the band we’re listening to has been support on many other dates, which is especially disappointing after watching tonight’s openers, Reggae heir Damian Marley. Anticipation turns to roar as darkness falls.

Tickets for the one lone Dallas U2 show went on sale 7 months, 17 days in advance. It sold out in less than 4 minutes, and I got my one $108.17 behind the stage ticket at about 10:03:30 AM that morning. All I knew was that I was in the building, and that’s all that mattered.

October 29th has for a few years been a day remembered, for me, as the anniversary of the beginning of a very dark time in my life. Not going into details, just trust me here. As I saw the date, announced very early on, I had an anticipated feeling of future relief and release from these internal demons. Not only is U2, in my mind, the greatest thing that’s happened to music, ever, but this show promised a more symbolic meaning. It was the exact culmination of a horribly vicious cycle for the past 5 years, and anyone who knows me, or the story behind the past 5 years, fully understands. This night was cathartic.

Opening with my favorite song from the new album, the uplifting ode to New York “City of Blinding Lights”, they visited older material they hadn’t played in decades, such as “Electric Co.” and “The Ocean” from their first album Boy. The staples were there, too, “Pride”, “Where The Streets Have No Name”, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “One”. In a surprise, “The First Time”, maybe one of three tracks from Zooropa worth dealing with was in there, along with “Elevation”, “Beautiful Day” and “Stuck In A Moment…” from the previous album, All That You Can’t Leave Behind.

Never short on dramatics, “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” was nicely drawn out, pulling a little kid up from the front row to chant “No More” with Bono, trading off. The live version of the song always has the fake ending, then back into the drums, followed by guitar and bass, etc. The drums came back in, and as Edge was play the guitar part, the American Airlines Center was bathed in red as they blazed into “Bullet The Blue Sky”, which was a big surprise.

During the first encore, as Bono and Edge were doing a couple of acoustic numbers, a fan shouted to Bono that he could play, and was told he’s get to him in a minute. After “Stuck In A Moment…”, Bono pulled the guy onstage and asked what he wanted to play. “Angel Of Harlem” was his choice. They handed the guy an acoustic guitar and they went to town, full band. He walked all over the stage like he had been in the band for years, dueting with Bono, even getting his own square on the video screens, which usually are dedicated to each member of the band. They wrapped it up and traded sunglasses as the band went into “With Or Without You”.

For the first time since the Joshua Tree Tour in 1987, they’ve been ending the shows with “40”, and tonight was no exception. The only glaring omission was the staple “Bad”, which was such a high point on the last tour, but maybe it’ll be back in the stadiums next summer.

October 29th will no longer be a dark day for me. It has been absolved.


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3 Responses to “Volume: U2 – Vertigo Tour, AAC, Dallas, TX 10/29/2005”

  1. Hey. I’m a friend of the guy who actually played with U2 on stage, the song angel of Harlem. That guy is a doctor and recently got his m.d. Which is a really big deal. I wanted to gift him a video of that tour. Do you know if U2 released and official tour video of the Dallas concert? Or do you have a good video copy of the concert?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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