Volume: Toadies, Trees Night Two, 12/31/2009

So yeah, the Toadies entered into their 21st year (they can legally drink on 4/25/10) at midnight. Wow. 21 years, a few lineup changes, 3 albums, 2 live albums (3 if you count the ’96 bootleg) one scrapped album, many scrapped songs, countless shows and tours, and 7 years on hiatus bring us to 2010 with a countdown and Mark Rez kicking things off with “Motivational”.

After the first of these two nights at Trees, I have to say I was pretty excited for tonight. The Toadies appear to have more fire in them than they have had in years, which for some old(er) gentlemen, that’s a good thing. They cranked out another SOLID show last night, and are in the best form I’ve seen them since they had that hunger in their eyes at the onset of the ill-fated Hell Below/Stars Above tour at the Ridglea in ’01.

When they feel like they have something to prove, they are at their finest, and it seems they have something to prove again. Not sure what that is, but as with the 12/30 show, there is an underlying sense of urgency with their live shows. Tonight was one of those nights where Todd has the crowd in his hands to do with whatever he wants, and those nights are always special.


Nothing To Cry About
So Long Lovey Eyes
Little Sin
No Deliverance
Push The Hand
Mr. Love
Run-In With Dad
Possum Kingdom
Stop It! (Pylon Cover)
I Burn
Gotta Heart
Mexican Hairless
A Forest (Cure Cover)
I Come From The Water

The opening with “Motivational” was a very nice surprise, as were the additions of “Waterfall” and “Heel” to the set. For those keeping score, yes, they played the entire 1992 Velvet cassette in order, from “Mr. Love” to “Gotta Heart”. “Mexican Hairless” which was absent for so long is always a treat, and the cover of The Cure’s “A Forest” was simply amazing – I cannot describe the latter any better or downplay how good it was. This band is always at their peak with big, full, sonic textures and sonically this song and arrangement were perfect for them.

I can’t thank you enough for the last 2 nights. Here’s to 2010.


~ by thesynaptic on August 4, 2010.

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