Volume: Toadies, Trees Night One, 12/30/2009

Originally posted on Facebook 12/31/09

So I went to the first night of the big Toadies shows at Trees last night. Maybe it was the all-too-familiar surroundings of Trees, (how many times have I seen this band on that stage?) or just the overall urgency they seemed to have, but I have to say, this was one of the strongest outings The Toadies have had since reforming. Very even setlist, which will always be “Rubberneck” heavy, was balanced very well throughout their 20 year history.

Only odd thing was having both Pressed Against The Sky and Dollskin in the same set. Those always feel like a one or the other kinda thing. Surprises included Pink, Run-In With Dad and Velvet, and the omission of Happy Face, Mr Love, Push The Hand and Plane Crash.


So Long Lovey Eyes
I Come From The Water
Gotta Heart
Little Sin
Mexican Hairless
No Deliverance
Paper Dress
Nothing To Cry About
Run-In With Dad
I Burn
Possum Kingdom
Song I Hate
Hell Below/Stars Above
Pressed Against The Sky
Hell Or High Water

And it appears there will be more surprises in store tonight for the second show. Boo-yah.


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